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Children's 2-day Course Timetable

Day 0 Saturday
11:30am Lunch & Student Registration begins
2:00pm Welcome and orientation talk with children and parents
2:45pm Course begins in Meditation hall
3:30pm Activities
4:15pm Meditation Hall Activities
5:00pm Dinner/Activities/Free time
6:30pm Meditation Hall & Checking
7:30pm Break
8:00pm Meditation Hall Activities
8:45pm Back top dormitories
9:15pm Lights out
Day 1 Sunday
6:30am Wake up
7:00am Meditation Hall Activities
7:45am Breakfast & Service Activities
9:00am Meditation Hall Activities
9:45am Snack/Service Activities
11:00am Meditation Hall Activities
12:00pm Lunch, Writing/drawing activity, Feedback writing
1:00pm Meditation Hall Activities, Closing discourse & Metta
1:45pm Clean up dormitories
2:30pm Course ends after clean up